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• 1/23/2014

Lance Quirinus

So, um, character profile thingy. :P

Name: Lance Quirinus

Age: 23

Race: Human

Powers: Fire Style

Freeform: 4

Abilities: Parkour (1), Mage Aura (2), Computer Genius (3).

Weapons: Pistol (range, S, 0-2), Hidden blade (melee, S, 0-2)

Appearance: Six feet, one inch. About average weight for a 23 year old human male, although a bit on the thin side. Physically fit. Dark brown hair, thick and somewhat shaggy; however it does not hang down. Brushed over with awesome quiff. Wears trenchcoat and fedora, black pants.

Tools: Has a pair of sunglasses that contain a computer system that functions essentially as an electronic magnifying glass, allowing him to zoom in on his surroundings. Also allows him to analyze certain objects to an extent, although this feature is under-developed and often does not work properly. Also has a watch on his left wrist that carries a complex computer AI he designed himself: RIM, Reasonably Interesting Mechanism. It allows him to communicate with others digitally, recognize his voice, and pick up Internet signals allowing him to connect to wireless networks. Also has built-in Google Chrome browser.

Weaknesses: Water magic. Is easily susceptible to mental magic.

Backstory: To be added later, in detail. All you need to know for now is that he is a brilliant scientific genius who had obtained multiple doctorates, degrees, and PhDs by the age of 16. Has worked for the agency called SHOCK, but does not anymore. Let me know if anything needs to be modified, is too OP, or needs more fleshing out/more detail.

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• 1/23/2014
Approved. Go make a page for him.
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