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• 1/27/2014

irithias lorerthen

race: human age: 20

power: necromancy, fire style(2)

weapon: staff of Magius. combat. 0-2

freeforming: 8

appearence: medium sized. a frail, sickly body. hourglass eyes. brown hair till my shoulders. Dressed in a black robe with silver runes.

weakness: a verry bad health, and coughing fits regulary. I am not strong

backstory: I was raised without parents by my brother. Because of my intelect no other kinds liked me, because i was to smart for them! nether of them tought further then there next meal. I am a ambitious, sarastic man.I went to study magic, and i did. Magic is my life, and i think, no, i know: a man must put his magic first, the world second.I think purely how I can best gain, but i do pay my debts. My hourglas eyes see the effect that time has on everything, so i see everything growing older, dying..... I have spent most of my life as a mercenary.

please say if i have to change or add something

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• 1/27/2014

Add (2) after Fire Style so I can see that you spent points on it. You're also missing freeforming, additional abilities (basically anything you want him to do besides his powers that a normal human couldn't), and what the staff of Magius does.

A good purchase would be Ability: Mage Aura 

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