This is a list of pre-approved abilities and their point cost. Subject to change. They will be listed alphabetically within their types. 

Unrestricted: Any character can have or use these (within reason).

Semi-Restricted: only usable in combination with specific powers.

Restricted: abilities that are only usable by very specific characters. (Typically storeline related.)


Abnormal Strength (1): Allows a character to do feats of strength that they normally could not do. (Lifting/moving heavy objects, hitting things with knockback, ect) 

Abnormal Speed (1): Allows a character to do feats of speed that they normally could not do. (Blocking bullets with a sword, extreme parkour, etc.) 

Excellent Shot (2): Allows a character to perform trick shots. One can not simply dodge or have bullets miss. (They'd have to use something like Aura Dash to avoid a hit.)


Computer Genuis (3): Requires some mention in backstory. Use any electronic device, have some gadgets to start with. Hacking capabilities. 

Mage Aura (2): Requires a Style type character. Adds abnormal strength and speed, plus generic mage spells.


Key(3): Story line restricted. Limited amount. 

Ability:Logic Mandate(5): Story line restricted. Character specific.