This is a restricted ability, available only to approved characters with canon storylines. 

Key LoreEdit

A Key is someone that has had one of the Greater Others sealed inside them. This process is difficult, time consuming and usually at great cost to those involved. The idea is that the abilities of the Great Other are passed on to whoever they are sealed inside.Currently only one key, Rick Kaze, is in the RP.

Actual GameplayEdit

The Key perk adds 1 point to freeforming, can unlock restricted Styles, and allows for awakening. Awakening takes an entire turn to preform. It causes a form change, making the character that uses it resemble the Greater Other sealed within (this may add wings, claws, ect). It bumps the characters freeforming skill up an additional point, enhances the characters strength and speed past Abnormal and may allow additional Styles. The drawback being that it takes an entire turn to awaken, you cannot use clone spells, and that you're likely to have a hostile takeover by the Greater Other sealed inside.

You can only stay in awakened state for one round per free forming point you have (including the bonus one for awakening). Coming out of awakened state causes your character to suffer from Tiredness (-1 action for 3 rounds). You may push past your freeforming skill for two more turns of awakened status and suffer from Exhaustion (-2 actions for 5 rounds) or five more turns to suffer from incapacitated (no actions for 8 rounds).