Irithias Lorerthen

Irithias Lorerthen as a mini

Owned by legoplurk5

race: human age: 20

power: Necromancy, Fire Style (2)

weapon: staff of Magius. (Melee/magic, M, 0-2) It is a wooden staff with a golden claw wich holds a blue christal. the staff gives me 2 spells: Pfeaterfall and Shirak. Shirak makes the crystal on top shine with ligth, and costs 1 freeform to use. Pfeaterfall makes me drop slowly, and costs 3 freeform to use.

freeforming: 8

appearence: medium sized. a frail, sickly body. golden eyes. brown hair till my shoulders.My face seemes rather handsome, tough there are lines of bitterness and cruelty in face. Dressed in a black robe with silver runes across my hood en my sleeves. My skin is gold because of a curse that was cast upon me. Around my belt hang several pounces containing spell components.

weakness: I have a verry bad health, and coughing fits regulary. I am not strong phisicaly.

backstory: I was raised without parents by my sister, Maronna Lorerthen. Because of my intelect no other kinds liked me, because I was to smart for them! nether of them tought further then there next meal. I did. My sister tried to make the other kids like me, for she liked the other kids, and they liked her. She loves me tough... But it is a smothering love, and I'd rather not have it. I went to study magic at the age of only six . My fellow students didn't like me either, because they feared me. To pay for school, I preformed slight-of-hand tricks. My one talent. It kept the other kids amused, so they wouldn't harm me. Even now, I still give shows now and then, for the money."the Great Red magican and his wonderous tricks" was a famous show, and I'm still known for that. At least in a those places I preformed. Later, they wouldn't even think about harming me. I was, and am, To powerfull to fight me. I have left the school at 17, because no teacher can learn a student who knows more then the teacher. My teacher gave me the Staff of Magius as a parting gift. After that, I have worked as a mercenary to earn my living. My sister stayed home, saying that if I choose to die for money that was my own choice, but she wouldn't help me in it. My reply was easily: "not for money, dear sister, not for money." "for power". Magic is my life, and I think, no, I know: a man must put his magic first, the world second. If he does anything else then that, he limits his own potential. As a mercenery I have fought many enamies and survived, but I still haven't gained the Power I was Looking for. But I will, and you all will call me master! all you who once laughed at me, mocked me, dispised me. You will all bow for me.