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Kyle Kaze






Storm style




6' tall. Redish brown hair. He wears a black leather jacket with a red and white camelia on the back.

Name: Kyle Kaze

Age: 16

Race: Human

Powers: Strom Style. (Wind, Water, Lightning[2])

Freeform: 6

Appearnce: 6' tall. Redish brown hair. He wears a black leather jacket with a red and white camelia on the back.

Weapons: Bladecharge (Magic, M, multi-form). Sheath (melee, M, 0-3) Blade (melee, M, 0-3) Aura blasts: Wind (range, S-XL, 0-5 Knockdown) Lightning (range, S-M, 0-5 Shock) A unique sword/sheathe combo. When the blade is unsheathed it is charged with an aura. It can then be releases as a ranged projectile. Re-sheathing the blade causes it to recharge. The sheathe doubles as an additional blade with a brass knuckle style grip. 

Equipment: Jacket has lots of storage space. 

Abilities: Mage aura (2)

Backstory: Kyle's village was destroyed when he was young. Separated from the Kaze clan he was mentored and his abilities honed. He became a mercenary and had many missions before he was re-united with the Kaze clan.

Spell BookEdit

Aura dash: Cover a short distance quickly.

Aura Shield: Block 0-1 damage attack and all effects.

Grip: Walk on water, walls, ect.

Lightning Style, Lightning Strike: A bolt of lightning comes down, striking target. Shock, Knockdown, 1-(X - 3) damage.

Water Style, Plain Shift: Summons water to coat an area of the users deciding. 

Water Style, Dragon: Forms a dragon out of water that launches at a target. Knockdown. 0-5.

Wind Style, Air Palm: A blast of air from the users palm. Blocks projectile attacks. Knockdown. 0-3 damage.

Secret Technique, Lightning Blade: Coats the users arm in lightning. 3 damage. Lightning Blade stays enabled until it hits a target or the caster dispells it.

Secret Technique, Thunderstorm: Summons a thunderstorm. The users freeforming goes up by one for the duration of the storm. Adds multi-target to Lightning Bolt. 

Secret Technique, Wind Style, Hurricane Defense: Puts the user in the eye of a hurricane that's on ground level. Blocks projectile attacks. Things caught by the wind suffer 0-3 damage per round. Sustainable.