Owned By: Keplers

Name: Patrik Glenn

Age: 24

Race: Human

Powers: Ice Style

Freeform: 3

Appearance: 6', pale, brown eyes with messy dark red hair. Black, cold-weather waterproof jacket with inside and side pockets. Dark shirt. Black khakis. Sunglasses.

Weapons: M4 Custom "MC" (Ranged/Melee, large/small, 0-3 [0-1 when fully automatic]/2-3)

Equipment: Knife (useless as a weapon, only good for cutting through materials), GPS, 2 extra cartridges hidden within inner jacket pockets, spoon in inner jacket pocket.

Abilities: Excellent Shot

Backstory: Patrik was renowned where he came from since a young age for his skills in magic. They were sure he would become an apprentice under the town's Druid and succeed him one day. But Patrik was always more interested in tech and modern advancements, and thus received little training.

His parents threatened to disown him if he did not join the Druid (although this was a ruse; Druids had little possessions anyway), and he clashed with them for his own destiny.
At the age of 19, months before his next birthday and the day his full training could begin, Patrik killed his parents and left to find a different future. He became a low-level gun-for-hire, not wanting to attract big attention but looking for cash. He also was a guide for outer regions of his new residence, because the area outside the gates was perilous and hard to navigate. Working his way from the ground up, he earned enough money to build a custom weapon, combining the ornate axehead of his people's tradition with an M4 carbine of his new, self-made heritage.
He earned the nickname "Side" for giving a thug a nasty punch in the kidney.