Owned by: Loney 97

Name: Piku-Kun


Age: 7

Race: Small Rodent

Powers: Electricity Style

Freeform: 5

Abilities: Abnormal Speed (1)

Weapons: Bow and arrows (range, S, 0-2)


Appearance: Reasonably small, stands about two and a half feet tall. Bright yellow with 3 black stripes across his back. Wears a red and white cap and occasionally tinted sunglasses.

Tools: Fore-mentioned bow and arrows. They are coated with a atom-bonding chemical or whatever that makes them indestructible (I could change that if it's possible to think that something like that is OP) He also carries a Pokeball that, when opened, contains several poison darts

Weaknesses: As a small rodent, he is unable to speak English or communicate in any way besides small squeaks with humans.

Backstory: To be added later.