Crystal Style is a Style type power. It's preformed by using hand signs.

Crystal Style can be used to counter any fluid based attack. It's extremely effective against Water Style.

Crystal Style LoreEdit

Crystal style is currently used only by the Kaze Clan Key, Rick Kaze. It allows the user to turn any fluid, including moisture in the air, into crystal. The strength, color and flexibility are all dependent on what the crystal is made out of.


Note: X = freeforming. 1/2 always rounds up.

Clones: 1/2 X NPC copies of yourself. Each has freeforming 1/2 X and 1HP. Caster suffers Exhausted (-2 actions for 3 rounds)

Crystal Shower: Rains crystals over a large area. 0-(. Sustainable.

Prison: Full body bind. If shattered deals 1/2 X-death damage to victim. (To dispell break casters concentration)

Shuriken: Forms a large shuriken out of Crystal. (Thrown, L, 1-X)

Shuriken Dance: Makes and sends multiple crystal shuriken. Multi-target. 0-(X - 2) damage.

Wall: Forms a wall capable of blocking up to X damage.

Weapon Forming: Forms melee weapon(s). Total damage average no greater than X.