Earth style is a Style type power. It is preformed by using sign language.

Note: X = freeforming level. 1/2 always rounds down.


Boulder Crush: A giant boulder appears over target, and crushes them. 2-(X - 2)

Earth Spines: Sharp spines break out of the ground, impaling target. 1-(X - 1) damage.

Earth Wall: Summons a wall of dirt to block incoming attacks. The wall disappears after it is hit by incoming attacks. Wall's HP = 1/2 X.

Quake: Knockdown. Blast radius. 0-(X - 3) damage.

Stone Golem: Forms a Golem out of earth to fight for you. Golem HP = 1/2 X, Fist Melee, L, 0-4. Only one can be made at a time.

Advanced SpellsEdit

Note: (X) is the minimal freeforming level required.

(5)Burial: An eruption of earth buries target. Full body bind, 0-death damage.

(3)Stone Prison: Traps target in a small prison made of stone. The prison's HP is equal to X.