Fire Style is a Style type power. It is preformed by using sign language. 

Note: X = freeforming. 1/2 always rounds down. This power is suggest for high levels of freeforming.


Blast: Fire a flaming, explosive projectile. Blast radius, Knockdown, 1-(X - 5) damage.

Dragon Flame: Blast target with the scorching fire of a dragon. Burn. Knockdown. 2-(X - 3) damage. Caster suffers Tiredness (-1 action for 3 turns).

Fire Ball: Breath a ball of fire at target. Burn. 1-(X - 3) damage.

Flame Thrower: A jet of flame shoots out of your hand at target. Spread. 1-(X - 2) damage.

Phoenix Flame: Fire multiple fire balls at targets. Multi-target. 2-(X - 3) damage.

Advanced SpellsEdit

(3)Enchant: Adds 2 fire damage to melee or ranged weapon. (O-2 becomes 1-3, 0-5 becomes 1-6 ect) Does not stack.