Lightning Style is a Style type power. It is preformed by using sign language.

Note: X = freeforming. 1/2 always rounds down.


Chain Lightning:Dash from target to target, shocking them with lightning. 0-3 damage to each target.

Lightning Strike: A bolt of lightning comes down, striking target. Shock, Knockdown, 1-(X - 3) damage.

Advanced SpellsEdit

(3)Enchant: Adds 2 lightning damage to weapon. (0-2 becomes 1-3, 0-5 becomes 1-6 ect) Does not stack.

(5)Lightning Armor: Turns your aura shield to lightning. Ignore all incoming spells that deal less than X damage.

Restricted spellsEdit

These spells are limited to one character, and can be taught to others by said character.

Lightning Blade: Coats the users arm in lightning. 1/2 X damage. Lightning Blade stays enabled until it hits a target or the caster dispells it. Users, Adam Arashi Kyle Kaze

Lightning Dragon: Summons a dragon puppet made out of lightning. It's HP is equal to X and it's damage is 2-(X - 2). Users, Adam Arashi