Wind Style is a Power: Styles type power. It is preformed by using sign language. 

Note: X equals freeforming. 1/2 always rounds down.


Air Palm: A blast of air from the users palm. Blocks projectile attacks. Knockdown. 0-3 damage. 1/2 X damage.

Gale Force Wind: Blast target with a violent wind. Knockdown, 0-(X - 1) damage.

Sever: Form a disk of condensed air that slices into target. 2-(X - 2) damage.


Restricted spells can only be learned from those that already know them.

Hurricane Defense: Puts the user in the eye of a hurricane that's on ground level. Blocks projectile attacks. Things caught by the wind suffer 1/2 X damage per round. Sustainable. Users, Kyle Kaze