Owned by: User:LinkCelestrial

Name: Rick Kaze

Age: 17

Race: Human/Key

Powers: Crystal Style

Freeform: 6 (7)

Appearance: Around 5' 10" with a mop of light brown hair. He wears a red leather jacket with a white camelia on the back. Dark jeans. 

Weapons: Buster Sword (Melee, XL, 1-3)

Equipment: Jacket has lots of storage space. Summoning scroll.

Abilities: Mage Aura (2). Key (3).

Backstory: Rick is the Key of the Kaze clan. He was given mage training from a young age. He recieved S class ranking at 13 and has been working as a mage for the Kaze clan ever since. He has loving but strict parents, and no siblings. Being the Key of the Kaze clan most avoid him and he has no friends. Through some unknown circumstances the Other sealed inside Rick hasn't been heard from since he was sealed inside him. 

Spell BookEdit

Aura Dash: Cover a small distance quickly.

Aura Shield: Completely block 0-1 damage attack and all effects of said attack. (In moderation)

Grip: Walk on water, up walls, ect.

Crystal Style, Clones: 3 NPC copies of Rick Kaze. Each has freeforming 3 and 1HP. Rick suffers Exhausted (-2 actions for 3 rounds)

Crystal Style, Crystal Shower: Rains crystals over a large area. 0-1/2 X damage per turn. Sustainable.

Crystal Style, Prison: Full body bind. If shattered deals 3-death damage to victim. (To dispell break casters concentration)

Crystal Style, Shuriken: Forms a large shuriken out of Crystal. (Thrown, L, 1-6)

Crystal Style, Shuriken Dance: Makes and sends multiple crystal shuriken. Multi-target. 0-4 damage.

Crystal Style, Wall: Forms a wall capable of blocking up to 6 damage.

Crystal Style, Weapon Forming: Forms melee weapon(s). Total damage average no greater than 6.