Owned by: Obi the LEGO Fan

Name: Vindalf

Age: 261

Race: Skinchanger (Can shift between 3 forms: dwarf, Snowy Owl, and Russian Boar)

Powers: Psionics Style

Freeform: 4

Appearance: As a dwarf, is 5' tall, has a white beard and hair, and usually wears black leather. As Snowy Owl, is two feet long with a five foot wingspan, and looks like a regular Snowy Owl. As a Russian Boar he is notable for his massive size, weighing in at 700 lbs.

Weapons: Carries a double-bladed axe (Melee, XL, 1-3) a sabre (Melee, L, 0-3), and a sawed off shotgun (Range, M, 0-5) when in dwarf form. Uses talons (Melee, S, 1-4) and tusks (Melee, M, 1-3) in other forms.

Equipment: Knife, binoculars, iPad, flashlight, buckshot for his shotgun

Abilities: Logic Mandate, Abnormal strength (boar form)

Backstory: Vindalf was originally a character in a book called Logic of the Dwarves. In the book, Vindalf was a logician and skinchanger who was the Viscount of Vézère, and the King's most trusted advisor. His mastery of logic was legendary. He was able communicate with the being known as The Logic, who granted him the ability to make small and temporary manipulations of the laws of logic themselves, an ability hitherto unheard of in the land of the mortals. Vindalf had become greatly envied by his peers, and was almost assassinated. However, a silver tongue read him out of the book before he died, bringing him to earth. Vindalf then became a recluse, spending his time traveling and studying. Because he does not tend to stay in one place, he uses a 3G iPad with hundreds of iBooks and ebooks downloaded as a portable library.