Walneinos Furfeet is owned by legoplurk5

race: gnome. Age: 20 gender: male

power: healing, hyper speed.

weapon: Bugslayer. It is a small dagger with no special look at all. but whenever I loose it or it is stolen from me, it will return to me.That also works when I give it to someone. melee, s, 0/2

freefroming: 6

I'm short, like all gnomes. I'm a bit taller then a dwarf, but skinny. I have pointy ears, and a brown topknot. I wear a light blue robe. A medallion made of sliver hangs around my neck.

backstory: Like all gnomes I have a great Wanderlust. I've already traveled around the world quite a lot. On one of those travels, I've almost lost a good friend of mine, the dwarf Crunan. A cleric healed him, and told me about the great god Aradiel. Since then, I've become a cleric as well. However, I'm still very naïve, and on see some things trough a childlike perspective.